SIA Business Games are divided into thematic areas to facilitate the identification of the most appropriate game for your purposes.

The “Educational” games are suitable for all study and learning paths (schools, universities or post graduate levels); “Executive” games are designed for employees and company managers who intend to enhance and complete their knowledge; “On Demand” games offer an opportunity to create ad hoc simulations to develop certain skills.


Basic Edition

It is a basic game, aimed at understanding the functioning of a company, and also suitable for beginners.

Campus Edition

It is a game of medium complexity, which facilitates the understanding of business dynamics and KPIs analysis.

MBA Edition

It is a medium-high complexity game, easily placed as a final overview at the end of an MBA course.


It is a game based on economic policy which stimulates the comprehension of macroeconomic issues.


Management Edition

It is a medium-high complexity game, which aims to incentivate the decision-making process through data analysis.

Plant Edition

It is a game of high complexity, entirely designed on technical-production dynamics and on the analysis of industrial KPIs.

Retail Edition

It is a game dedicated to the Retail world and aimed at understanding and managing the specificities of the sector 

On Demand

“On Demand” games offer the possibility to create or customize games to meet specific needs