The “Strategy Into Action” project

Strategy Into Action (S.I.A.) aims to promote the use of the Business Game as a learning and training tool.

Business Games, widely used in the USA, are now implemented by Italian universities and post-graduate courses as standard learning methodologies. Their immediacy, easiness and their capacity of involvement make them unique tools in the world of training.

Strategy Into Action wants to make the Business Game available to all levels of teaching: from those who approach economic-financial issues for the first time, to those who intend to enhance skills already acquired.

The value of a business game

Goal-oriented work style


Meeting deadlines skills

Data analysis

The Business Game has a significant educational value:

  • It stimulates the focus on the objectives, in a process of strategic planning and control of the results
  • It teaches the importance of working in a team, with a perspective of sharing / organizing work
  • It gets the participants used to working under pressure, meeting certain deadlines
  • It encourages the decision-making process, prompting participants to always make a decision